Knaresborough Forest v Birstwith

MatchDivision 1Start 18:30Finish 20:40
When PlayedWednesday 1 August 2018Sheet sent in byForest
ResultForest Win
Innings of Knaresborough Forest Points gained 2
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
J Martin CaughtN Wain79
D Healey +CaughtP Hardisty 0
E Addison CaughtJ Millward6
J HarrisCaughtC Armitage 34
R Cooper StumpedG Hirst39
B Challis Not Out27
P Kruger Not Out25
S Pyke
D Alloway
J Bradd
M Harrison
Innings of Birstwith Points gained 0
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
D RileyBowledP Kruger39
C BaseStumpedB Challis51
C Armitage BowledP Kruger 0
J MillwardBowledP Kruger 0
J RileyBowledP Kruger 10
T CrostonCaughtP Kruger 2
S Armitage CaughtB Challis42
B HirstBowledR Cooper0
P Hardisty Not Out8
G CollettBowledB Challis22
N WainStumpedB Challis 1
Knaresborough Forest Bowling Analysis
D Alloway 20210
J Harris20160
J Bradd10310
P Kruger40215
R Cooper30221
S Pyke30270
B Challis40334
J Martin10160
Birstwith Bowling Analysis
P Hardisty 40221
J Millward40241
N Wain40601
S Armitage 30390
G Hirst 30351
C Armitage 20341

Match Report/Information

Sent: Wednesday Aug 1 2018 11:01PM