Knaresborough Forest v Goldsborough

MatchDivision 1Start 6:30Finish 8:30
When PlayedWednesday 1 May 2019Sheet sent in byGoldsborough
Innings of Knaresborough ForestPoints gained 0
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
R CooperCaughtR Robshaw0
J MartinLBWJ McPhee5
D HesterBowledG Shorter14
B ChallisBowledJ McPhee0
E AddisonBowledJ McPhee0
M HarrisonBowledJ McPhee16
H GreenBowledG Shorter6
J BradleyCaughtH Saul26
C SteeleBowledG Shorter2
E GreenBowledG Shorter0
R AddisonNot Out1
Innings of GoldsboroughPoints gained 1
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
W PlemingNot Out35
D IveBowledJ Bradley36
J BryantNot Out7
J McPhee
G Hodson
R Robshaw
A Voakes
G Shorter
J Jackson
H Saul
AB Sent
Knaresborough Forest Bowling Analysis
D Hester30240
R Cooper20110
H Green2090
C Steele1090
B Challis20190
M Harrison1020
E Green1.1070
J Bradley1021
Goldsborough Bowling Analysis
R Robshaw40271
J McPhee4064
H Saul40191
G Shorter40254

Match Report/Information

Broomstick diaries courtesy of c. 2001 satisfies Scholesy thirst for back story fest culminating in Jose taxi shout for sea bass shaker. Sandwiches with Rodney and Plemmo. Fake helmet. Saul senior hot dog car footwell shame. Carpets versus Scissors. RM. Ive retired. Bryant commute. Big Scholes en route for turnout. Match fee inflation. Sexual assault.

Sent: Friday May 3 2019 12:03AM