Scotton v Wetherby Carr Manor

MatchDivision 3Start :Finish :
When PlayedWednesday 1 May 2019Sheet sent in byWCM
ResultScotton win
Innings of WCMPoints gained 0
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
H SuttonRun Out1
J SuttonBowledT Wilcocks15
H BlytheCaughtT Edgerton29
L JarvisCaughtT Edgerton19
J JarvisCaught & BowledT Edgerton0
R HollidayCaught & BowledT Edgerton1
M PurvisNot Out4
J HollidayNot Out3
N Sutton
C Hainsworth
R Dyson
Innings of ScottonPoints gained 2
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
S HallidayCaughtL Jarvis33
M WardCaught & BowledH Sutton17
I CampbellBowledH Blythe2
C HallidayCaughtH Blythe4
T EdgertonCaught & BowledL Jarvis2
M CooperBowledL Jarvis15
T WlcocksNot Out4
E ChamberlainNot Out0
B Wilcocks
I Moreland
WCM Bowling Analysis
J Jarvis20120
J Holliday20140
H Sutton20101
H Blythe40312
L Jarvis3093
C Hainsworth1040
R Dyson0.1010
Scotton Bowling Analysis
C Halliday2080
M Cooper3260
I Campbell2060
T Wilcocks20111
E Chamberlain20140
T Edgerton41264
S Halliday1020

Match Report/Information

Sent: Sunday May 5 2019 12:22PM