Spofforth v Knaresborough B

MatchGeorge Greaves CupStart 18:30Finish 21:00
When PlayedWednesday 15 May 2019Sheet sent in byKnaresborough
ResultKnaresborough Win
Innings of Knaresborough BPoints gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
T BainesLBWK Wrench11
A PattersonBowledA Gowlett4
J SixsmithBowledKeates1
D ArtindaleBowledK Wrench23
A RamskillLBWKeates8
S LightowersBowledKeates0
T WilsonNot Out34
D WeatherallCaughtK Wrench9
K ReillyBowledJ Pedder4
C HoweNot Out0
M Baxindall
Innings of SpofforthPoints gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
P ShiptonLBWD Weatherall1
CorkeLBWD Weatherall0
J PedderCaughtS Lightowers19
MaeseppBowledT Wilson8
K WrenchCaughtT Wilson7
FawcettBowledT Wilson0
KeatesCaughtJ Sixsmith15
A LurcuckCaughtT Wilson2
B HainsworthRun Out1
M LurcuckCaughtJ Sixsmith0
A GowlettNot Out0
Knaresborough B Bowling Analysis
T Baines1010
D Weatherall2112
C Howe40200
S Lightowers20170
T Wilson40164
M Baxindall4160
J Sixsmith1101
Spofforth Bowling Analysis
K Wrench40303
A Gowlett40241
J Pedder40121
L Keates4243
M Lurcuck30250
R Fawcett1050

Match Report/Information

Sent: Monday May 20 2019 9:24PM