Studley Royal v Birstwith B

MatchGeorge Greaves CupStart :Finish :
When PlayedMonday 20 May 2019Sheet sent in byBirstwith
ResultStudley win
Innings of Birstwith Points gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
D. MooreCaughtN. Cunningham 0
M. Richards CaughtN. Cunningham8
T. Rhodes BowledO. Smith11
J. DunnBowledA. Shaw7
D. Robinson CaughtA. Shaw 18
J. Sheridan Run Out30
W. Hubbert LBWJ. Coor0
J. GarrettCaughtO. Smith3
T. Blunstone BowledO. Smith4
O. HubbertNot Out1
R. Craig BowledN. Cunningham 0
Innings of Studley Points gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
C. SmithCaughtJ. Garrett25
M. Roberts BowledJ. Sheridan 22
J. Dalgleish CaughtJ. Sheridan 4
I. HallowayCaughtD. Moore4
N. Cunningham CaughtJ. Garrett4
S. WillsonNot Out3
O. SmithRun Out9
W. Cunningham 0
A. Shaw
J. Coors
E. Roberts
Birstwith Bowling Analysis
R. Craig 30190
W. Hubbert20180
J. Sheridan 41212
J. Garrett40132
D. Moore30111
D. Robinson 2020
Studley Bowling Analysis
J. Dalgleish 4091
N. Cunningham 31172
O. Smith 41133
A. Shaw 41172
E. Roberts 1080
J. Coor30221

Match Report/Information

Sent: Monday May 20 2019 10:40PM