Bilton v Knaresborough B

MatchDivision 5Start :Finish :
When PlayedWednesday 29 May 2019Sheet sent in byKnaresborough
ResultBilton Win
Innings of Bilton Points gained 2
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
B CanhamBowledD Weatherall9
B RoughsedgeCaught & BowledT Wilson26
C TorrenceNot Out68
L MallinsonNot Out16
J Ainsley
L Shrinkfield
A Butler
T Brayson
A Cardwell
H Shinkfield
H Tipling
Innings of Knaresborough BPoints gained 0
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
H DawsonCaughtL Shinkfield0
T BainesBowledL Shinkfield1
D ArtendaleCaughtA Cardwell11
T WilsonCaughtA Butler3
D WeatherillRun Out15
S BainesStumpedA Cardwell8
J HampsonBowledH Tipling0
O WardNot Out16
B TegginNot Out6
C How
M Baxindall
Bilton Bowling Analysis
L Shinkfield40142
A Butler40121
A Cardwell40202
H Tipling3071
H Shinkfield2070
L Mallinson1030
Knaresborough B Bowling Analysis
D Weatherall31131
O Ward40270
S Baines1060
T Baines40220
C How30330
T Wilson30251

Match Report/Information

Sent: Monday Jun 3 2019 9:58PM