Spofforth v carr manor wetherby

MatchMMP CupStart 18:30Finish 21:10
When PlayedWednesday 5 June 2019Sheet sent in bySpofforth
ResultSpofforth won
Innings of SpofforthPoints gained 2
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
c maeseppCaughtl jarvis20
g oneillBowledj holliday2
c frithLBWr thomas9
j corkeCaughtl jarvis1
p shipstonCaughtr thomas1
r fawcettCaughtb jarvis5
j fawcettStumpedb jarvis11
l keatesCaughtb jarvis1
a lurcuckBowleda flint4
m lurcuckNot Out0
a gowlettNot Out5
Innings of carr manor wetherbyPoints gained 0
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
h suttonBowleda gowlett20
j suttonBowleda bowlett0
j wilsonBowledp shipston 0
r hollidayCaught & Bowledj fawcett6
m purvisBowleda gowlett0
j jarvisBowledj fawcett0
a flintCaughtj fawcett0
b jarvisCaughtl keates7
l jarvisStumpedc frith7
j hollidayBowledm lurcuck2
r thomasNot Out2
Spofforth Bowling Analysis
c frith40171
a gowlett4383
p shipston4051
j fawcett3062
l keates4161
m lurcuck0.3061
carr manor wetherby Bowling Analysis
a flint40131
j holliday40261
l jarvis3122
r thomas4092
b jarvis4083
j sutton1040

Match Report/Information

Sent: Thursday Jun 6 2019 10:46AM