Spofforth v Wetherby Carr Manor

MatchMMP CupStart :Finish :
When PlayedWednesday 5 June 2019Sheet sent in byWCM
ResultSpofforth win
Innings of SpofforthPoints gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
C MaeseppCaughtL Jarvis20
G O NeillBowledJ Holliday2
C FirthLBWR Thomas9
J CorkeCaughtL Jarvis1
P ShipstonCaughtR Thomas1
B FawcettCaughtB Jarvis5
J FawcettStumpedB Jarvis11
L KeatesCaughtB Jarvis1
A LurcuckBowledA Flint4
M LurcuckNot Out0
A GowlettNot Out5
Innings of WCMPoints gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
H SuttonBowledA Gowlett20
J SuttonBowledA Gowlett0
J WilsonBowledP Shipston0
R HollidayCaught & BowledJ Fawcett6
M PurvisBowledA Gowlett0
J JarvisBowledJ Fawcett0
A FlintCaughtJ Fawcett0
B JarvisCaughtL Keates7
L JarvisStumpedC Firth7
J HollidayNot Out2
R ThomasBowledM Lurcuck2
Spofforth Bowling Analysis
C Firth40171
A Gowlett4383
P Shipston4051
J Fawcett3163
L Keates4161
M Lurcuck0.3061
WCM Bowling Analysis
A Flint40131
J Holliday40261
L Jarvis3022
R Thomas4092
B Jarvis4083
J Sutton1040

Match Report/Information

Good bowling and not so good batting from both sides. Well done Spofforth and good luck in next round!

Sent: Monday Jun 10 2019 8:14AM