Knaresborough Forest v Whixley

MatchAddsion CupStart 18:30Finish 20:25
When PlayedWednesday 5 June 2019Sheet sent in byWhixley
ResultForest Win
Innings of WhixleyPoints gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
James WebsterCaughtP Kruger12
J WithamBowledH Green0
G BartonBowledC Beech33
E PanettaRun Out1
A WalkerNot Out31
Jordan WebsterBowledM Harrison1
S WithamRun Out12
C AtkinsonBowledM Harrison5
W Swires
C Dawson
No Player
Innings of Knaresborough ForestPoints gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
P KrugerNot Out52
C BeechCaughtE Panetta33
R BoltonNot Out13
J Martin
M Harrison
R Blackburn
H Green
E Addison
B Challis
J Bradley
D Alloway
Whixley Bowling Analysis
S Witham300
W Swires300
E Panetta200
G Barton100
C Atkinson100
A Walker0.400
Knaresborough Forest Bowling Analysis
P Kruger40231
H Green40171
C Beech40281
J Bradley2091
M Harrison40202

Match Report/Information

Sent: Monday Jun 10 2019 8:23AM