Whixley v North Stainley A

MatchDivision 2Start 6:30Finish 9:00
When PlayedWednesday 3 July 2019Sheet sent in byNscc
ResultNSCC win
Innings of NSCC Points gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
S AbelNot Out81
L WilliamsonCaught & BowledHawkins4
B MaddisonCaught & BowledBarton13
A GriffinBowledPanetta2
C PuttockCaughtForster24
S MaddisonBowledWhitham2
S SterneRun Out1
D CreweNot Out1
N Bourne Arton
T Ingham
J Kirk
Innings of WhixleyPoints gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
J WhithamCaughtCrewe13
C AtkinsonCaughtBourne Arton35
G BartonBowledB Maddison11
J WebsterLBWIngham17
S WhithamCaughtGriffin28
B HawkinsCaughtIngham1
J ForsterBowledBourne Arton 9
E PanettaNot Out5
T LinleyCaughtBourne Arton2
C DawsonNot Out0
J Harvey
NSCC Bowling Analysis
D Crewe40301
B Maddison40281
A Griffin40231
N Bourne Arton 40183
L Williamson20130
T Ingham20122
Whixley Bowling Analysis
S Whitham40111
B Hawkins40231
G Barton 40181
E Panetta40351
J Harvey20241
J Forster20191

Match Report/Information

Sent: Sunday Jul 7 2019 3:15PM