Sharow v Birstwith b

MatchDivision 5Start 18:30Finish 20:15
When PlayedWednesday 3 July 2019Sheet sent in bySharow
ResultSharow win
Innings of Birstwith BPoints gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
S Armitage CaughtP ainsley 12
D mooreBowledJ Briscombe17
C base CaughtM Clements25
T RhodesBowledM Clements 0
J SheridanCaughtJ Copplestone 21
J Dunn Run Out-0
D kittleBowledJ Copplestone 2
M RichardsNot Out26
J Underwood Not Out31
M Dunn
Innings of Sharow Points gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
S Wyatt BowledS Armitage 42
M Lofthouse CaughtD Moore39
J Holden CaughtS Armitage 4
M AinsleyNot Out26
J briscombe Not Out17
Birstwith B Bowling Analysis
D Kittle30360
J Sheridan 40330
S Armitage 30292
D Moore 20231
J Underwood 0.20100
Sharow Bowling Analysis
J Briscombe 40181
P Ainsley40201
J Copplestone 40202
P Kellet20190
M Clements 30242
J Hanson10110
S Wyatt 20230

Match Report/Information

Sent: Sunday Jul 7 2019 10:51PM