North Stainley B v Bilton

MatchDivision 5Start 6:30Finish 8:45
When PlayedTuesday 9 July 2019Sheet sent in byNorth Stainley
Resultwin for Bilton
Innings of BiltonPoints gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
C MartinBowledHinchcliffe50
J AinsleyBowledHinchcliffe11
C TorranceNot Out83
H ChristyBowledLidster13
D DekanskiNot Out5
H Shinkfield
L Shinkfield
A Butler
N Styrin
D Jackson
H Tipling
Innings of North Stainley BPoints gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
N DonaldsonCaughtL Shinkfield0
B LidsterBowledA Butler0
T HinchcliffeCaughtL Shinkfield0
B HornerLBWL Shinkfield5
G CockerillBowledA Butler0
S KennyCaughtA Butler4
J SkinnerNot Out31
J KellyNot Out31
I Curwen
Gary Cockerill
G Horner
Bilton Bowling Analysis
L Shinkfield4403
A Butler4193
H Tipling3180
H Shinkfield30170
D Jackson20280
C Torrance30140
D Dekanski1040
North Stainley B Bowling Analysis
J Kelly40360
T Hinchcliffe4072
B Lidster40380
I Curwen40351
S Kenny40480

Match Report/Information

Win to Bilton

Sent: Tuesday Jul 9 2019 2:39PM