Goldsborough v scotton

MatchDivision 3Start 6.:30Finish 8.:45
When PlayedWednesday 24 July 2019Sheet sent in byGCC
ResultScotton Won
Innings of GoldsboroughPoints gained 0
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
James woodRun Out5
Jake StalkerStumpedT Egerton7
J ProcterCaughtI Morland35
I ShortBowledT Egerton0
M WoodNot Out39
O FrancisCaughtS Halliday9
E Godsell WrightBowledI Morland0
D AudsleyBowledC Halliday0
P StalkerNot Out1
S Wood
M Shilito
Innings of ScottonPoints gained 0
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
S HallidayBowledD Audsley35
F ReadNot Out54
C HallidayBowledD Audsley1
M WardNot Out5
T Egerton
C Read
T Wilcox
I Morland
Goldsborough Bowling Analysis
M Shilito30130
E. Godsell Wright20230
Jacob Procter30180
Mark Wood30300
Dylan Audsley20172
Oliver Francis1.2050
Scotton Bowling Analysis
C Halliday4081
S Halliday41201
T Wilcox30230
T Egerton40132
C Read20230
I Morland30142

Match Report/Information

Sent: Friday Jul 26 2019 3:49PM