Wetherby Carr Manor v Markington

MatchDivision 3Start :Finish :
When PlayedWednesday 24 July 2019Sheet sent in byWCM
ResultMarkington win
Innings of Markington Points gained 2
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
Peter Johnson CaughtC Walsh19
Ryan LockieBowledJ Dyson3
Tom LloydBowledC Walsh11
Robbie WilberforceCaughtJ Jarvis 0
Rob BestCaughtL jarvis20
Ross SandsBowledB Jarvis 13
Dave AskewBowledL Jarvis 2
Graham SchofieldBowledL Jarvis 2
C BuckBowledB Jarvis 0
R ThomasBowledB Jarvis0
T ConnorsNot Out0
Innings of WCMPoints gained 0
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
Malc PurvisRun Out40
Andy GarrickLBWD Askew0
Louis JarvisBowledD Askew0
R HollidayBowledR Sands0
B JarvisBowledR Best11
J DysonRun Out3
J HollidayBowledT Lloyd2
Cormac WalshNot Out2
Jake JarvisNot Out0
R Dyson
Luke Jarvis
Markington Bowling Analysis
R Sands40131
D Askew4072
R Wilberforce4090
R Thomas2090
T Lloyd40162
R Best2091
WCM Bowling Analysis
J Holliday 3050
J Dyson 30121
J Jarvis40261
C Walsh30132
B Jarvis30103
Luke Jarvis 20183

Match Report/Information

Malcolm Purvis - thatís how to bat on a dodgy wicket.
Otherwise a terrible result!

Sent: Monday Jul 29 2019 10:37PM