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leake v south kilvington

MatchDivision 1Start :Finish :
When PlayedThursday 7 July 2011Sheet sent in byleake
Resultsouth kilvington
Innings of south kilvingtonPoints gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
s peirseCaughtb england20
s masonBowledm fishburn54
b hiltonBowleda chandler4
m fisherNot Out17
j thompsonRun Out3
r windrossBowleda chandler14
i walshNot Out7
Innings of leakePoints gained
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
t conwayBowledj thompson5
r kirbyCaughtr simms37
b englandCaughtm fisher4
m fishburnCaughtj thompson0
d eastonLBWj thompson4
j eastonCaughtr simms20
a chandlerCaughtr simms15
m spearsBowledb hilton0
m hoggBowledb hilton1
d hopkinsNot Out1
a hickfordRun Out1
south kilvington Bowling Analysis
m fisher50221
j thompson50183
r simms50223
b hilton50282
leake Bowling Analysis
b england50311
j easton50340
m fishburn50301
a chandler50282

Match Report/Information

Sent: Friday Jul 8 2011 6:24PM