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Silton v Hutton Rudby

MatchDivision 1Start :Finish :
When PlayedThursday 23 May 2019Sheet sent in bySilton
ResultMatch tied
Innings of Hutton Rudby Points gained 1
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
S. Gawthorpe Not Out63
J. ShanksCaught & BowledJoe Clarkson4
C. CurtisCaughtJed Clarkson7
J. DouglasBowledJed Clarkson4
J. CunninghamStumpedH. Thompson29
B. ThompsonNot Out0
Innings of SiltonPoints gained 1
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
Joe ClarksonBowledB. Thompson35
Jed ClarksonCaughtM. Lane3
H. ThompsonCaughtM. Lane6
J. TateBowledE. Stockdale 2
J. Stephenson CaughtE. Stockdale0
D. ThompsonNot Out43
B. JackCaughtB. Thompson6
M. RaynerBowledB. Thompson0
C. StapleyBowledB. Thompson0
D. Cowton CaughtB. Thompson1
I. Tate
Hutton Rudby Bowling Analysis
M. Lane50212
C. Curtis50220
E. Stockdale2092
J. Bramley40310
B. Thompson40265
Silton Bowling Analysis
Joe Clarkson50201
Jed Clarkson51222
J. Stephenson50340
H. Thompson50331

Match Report/Information

Sent: Saturday May 25 2019 11:26AM